What is MinimalWin?

MinimalWin is an alternative marketplace for sales, which is based on the principle of a classic lottery. The platform gives the opportunity to sell luxury items by creating a lot which will be gotten up for a bid. The winner of each round of sales will be chosen using the random number generator (RNG) algorithm. To participate in the lottery, all participants need to buy at least one ticket. In case the amount of tickets will not be collected, the platform will return all tickets to the participants willing to buy the lot put up for sale. When the amount requested by the seller is collected and the sale takes place, both seller and winner will take their prize.

Our aim is to built a platform that creates an innate trust in a potentially corrupted system making the lottery fun and shopping process transparent, trustworthy and beneficial for all.

How do I participate? 

To access and navigate the platform, you can simply register through your Google or Facebook account. To participate, you should undergo the full registration process. The platform uses Know Your Customer (KYC).

How do I sell?

To sell, you should put out your item with the description, photos, category, price with shipping and the end date of bidding process.

How do I bid?

Choose your desired item and the number of tickets you want to put on it. To buy tickets, go to Home Page and click Buy MinimalWin Tickets.

What happens after I win?

You receive the contact details of the seller to start the process of shipping. After the winner receives the prize and confirms the successful delivery, the seller receives the money.

What if my lot was unsuccessful?

If your lot have not received enough tickets, it is determined to be unsuccessful for the several reasons:

In this case, all the collected tickets will be returned to their initial owners.

Can I bid on different items at the same time?

You can bid on multiple items at the same time as long as you have sufficient funds to buy at least one ticket.